Exploring and Experiencing
the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son

“Meet Him Again, For the First Time”

Conducted across the nation as live, 48-hour intensives, David Bryant and Proclaim Hope! now bring The Christ Institutes to you on four different levels. Choose to experience it individually; by leading a group through the nine 70-minute videos; by teaching a group yourself using the over 2000 PowerPoint slides; or by inviting David Bryant to facilitate one of The Christ Institutes “live”. TCI’s can be conducted as “intensives” or spread out over a number days or weeks. This site will show you how.

Throughout the nine sessions, however, the focus of the curriculum remains the same. With its compelling teaching, creative visuals and clear applications, The Christ Institutes explore major themes on what the supremacy of Christ means for today. This results in a life-changing “Christ Awakening” for participants. Two brief, informal videos from David Bryant provide background on the TCI emphasis (1) “The Crisis of Christology” (12 minutes); and “A Consequential Christology” (17 minutes).

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