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Learn how to Experience TCI Individually | The Christ Institutes

Learn how to Experience TCI Individually

Although The Christ Institutes primarily are designed for groups, large or small, they can also be enjoyed on an individual level. To get started, download the Individual User’s Guide, which outlines each session.

Obviously, some exercises and interactions scheduled for “live” Institutes, before and after the talks (or videos), can take place only in a group setting.

But there is much to be gained at an individual level, not the least of which is how this allows TCI to take place anywhere, at anytime, and at any pace.

Another advantage is the individual’s freedom to pause the video at any moment to take time to write notes, or simply to ponder and pray before moving on to the next point.

Here are some suggestions to help you have a great individual TCI experience:

  1. Begin by reading out loud the three declarations reproduced in the user’s guide for each session, from PowerPoint slides normally read corporately by TCI groups: Prelude, Passage, Prayer. They set the stage for viewing the video talk for that Session.
  2. After viewing each session ponder the two follow-up questions, also in the user’s guide. Normally the entire audience engages these questions together, along with a time of Q&A with the presenter. But it is worth your investment to spend a final five minutes thinking through the answers you would give if you were sharing in a group.
  3. Conclude each session the way the audience is asked to do, by kneeling before a chair (as if it were the Throne from which Jesus reigns). Spend three minutes in worship, listening for what the Father may want to share with you personally as a result of what He has given you in that session.
  4. Throughout each session, when you come to a “Selah” break in the talk, feel free to pause the video for a few moments, to reflect on what you’ve just heard. When ready to resume, push “play”. Often it proves meaningful to enjoy a short time of worship and prayer before proceeding to the next point in the talk.
  5. Keep a notepad and pen handy to write down anything you want to review after the session is over. Just push “pause” while you write. Also, you can always reverse the video to a particular statement to you may want to write down verbatim.

Those are some of the advantages of the individual TCI experience. Proceed with great expectations!