What is a Christ Awakening?

In simplest terms, a Christ Awakening could be defined as: “God’s Spirit using God’s Word to re-introduce God’s people to God’s Son for ALL He is.”  TCI sessions come back to this definition often.

Every historical revival or spiritual reformation in the Church (and there have been many) has been, at its core, an awakening of Christians first of all to more of Christ in such a way that it not only revitalizes churches but also transforms society and advances the Gospel among the nations.

Another way we might view a Christ Awakening is “a Spirit-spawned uprising of God’s people with renewed desire to exalt Christ’s name, spread His fame and increase His gain in their generation”. In other words, Christians become “purpose driven” because, first of all, they become “Person driven” out of their fresh encounter with Christ in the fullness of His supremacy.

Read more of David Bryant’s thinking on a “Christ Awakening” in his article for Billy Graham’s Decision magazine.

Also, David’s seminal, 470-page book is available as a free ebook download.  The title:  Christ Is ALL! A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son.  Chapter 1 especially is helpful.

Or you can order David’s popular 176-page version: Christ Is ALL!  Join the Joyful Awakening to the Supremacy of God’s Son.  Many of the chapters will expand your appreciation of the exciting dimensions of a God-given Christ Awakening.

Of course, one of the main goals of The Christ Institutes is to create a setting where the Holy Spirit can begin  a “Christ Awakening” immediately in the lives of the participants.  In fact, a significant portion of the very first Session focuses on the nature and impact of a genuine Christ Awakening (which you can view here).

Finally, an on-line interview with leaders of the Mission America Coalition helpfully relates a vision for a nationwide Christ Awakening movement to the goals of The Christ Institute.