Christ is NOW!

The Continuing Story
of the Spectacular Supremacy
of God’s Son



“David Bryant’s latest book, Christ Is NOW!, will be available for free download on or before March 1st.  Please check back with us then.  However, if you leave us your email address we gladly will contact you as soon as it becomes available.

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In the meantime, you may want to read the original, expanded version of David’s widely-respected Christ Is ALL!, 475 pages, available right now for free download at  Or order the revised, condensed version (176 pages) at

About the Book

David Bryant is the author of numerous books and manuals on World Christian discipleship, Concerts of Prayer and Christ Awakening movements. This includes Christ is ALL! A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son, both the 470-page edition and its 176-page revised version.

Also, David’s classic THE HOPE AT HAND has been released as an eBook and is available for reading on line or download.  In it he explores seven major reasons why we can pray and prepare for a God-given Christ Awakening movement without fear of disappointment.

Now in 2015, following fifteen years of research  – biblical, historical, contemporary – on (what he calls) a “consequential Christology”, David presents the Church with (as some have called it) his “magnum opus”: Christ Is Now!

Its nearly 900 pages (including hundreds of graphics) consists of nine smaller volumes (each around 100 pages) which perfectly parallel, both in outline and subject matter, the nine video sessions of The Christ Institutes. Even the main titles (as well as many subtitles) are the same:

1) Introduction: Christ, Crisis, Christ Awakening
2) Awake to Who Christ is TO Us… Now!
3) Awake to Who Christ is FOR Us… Now!
4) Awake to Who Christ is OVER Us… Now!
5) Awake to Who Christ is BEFORE Us… Now!
6) Awake to Who Christ is WITHIN Us… Now!
7) Awake to Who Christ is THROUGH Us… Now!
8) Awake to Who Christ is UPON Us… Now!
9) How to Respond to the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son

To view an annotated outline of the book, click here.

Christ is NOW! provides TCI alumni a valuable resource to help them follow-up their journey through the nine TCI sessions.  Each chapter parallels the flow of topics of each session and takes the focus of each session to a much deeper level, allowing alumni to mine depths of a “consequential Christology” that simply cannot be explored in a one hour talk.

However, it might be to your advantage to view the video that matches a chapter before reading the chapter. Because each video is a summary of what the chapter explores in detail.

Christ is NOW! helps equip those preparing themselves to lead TCI Sessions with the videos or to teach TCI sessions with the PowerPoint packages. It gives them a more comprehensive overview of the TCI material so they can become more knowledgeable facilitators of the TCI experience for their participants.

Christ is NOW! provides Christians everywhere a one-of-a-kind guidebook to key dimensions of a “consequential Christology. It is designed to empower anyone who is ready to seriously confront the current crisis of Christology in the Church; who is ready to seek Christ Awakening movements among God’s people where they live; and, above all, who is ready to grow in his or her own intimacy with Christ in His supremacy.